updated 10/07/04

the revised devil's dictionary 

Most people familiar with both the New and Old Testament  have, at one time or another have stumbled across the phrase the number of the Beast and probably know which number in particular is meant. 

666 is the number of the Beast

Today, however, the average person has more numbers attached to his life than he actually would care to contemplate and the Beast, too, is suffering from Numerology gone bananas.   Below is a partial list of other numbers for the Beast gleaned by several RDD list members.   Check in occasionally because I'll be adding new entries periodically.


The Neighbor of the Beast 668
Oven Temperature for Roast Beast 666 F
The Speed Limit of the Beast 666 mph
The Approximate Number of the Beast 660
The URL of the Beast www . 666 . net 
The Beast Common Denominator /666
Recommended Minimum Daily Requirement of the Beast 666 mg
Retail Price of the Beast $665.99
The Retirement Plan of the Beast 666k
The Combination of the Beast L6 - R6 - L6
The PIN Number of the Beast 6666
The Sine of the Beast -0.80902
The comfort zone of the Beast 66 degrees Farenheit
The Highway of the Beast Rt. 666
The Zipcode+4 of the Beast 00670



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