the revised devil's dictionary


qintar n Formally an Albania coin and worth one one-hundredth of a lek—not to be confused with a leek which is worth more, is nutritionally nonviolent, and makes a passable soup provided you have real food to go with it.

Quade’s Observation of Business maxim Nothing costs at least a quarter.

quadrennial adj Occurring once every four years, like type B swine flu, lemming runs, and presidential elections. Biologists have speculated recently in Biodiversity Now! that there may be some ecological connection between the last two.

quagmire n Environmentally significant mud that sucks. But pure. Environmentally significant and impure mud is called sludge and taxed, whether is sucks or not.

question v Accusation via innuendo.

Quincy’s 2nd Law maxim The only real difference between gumbo and goulash is turbidity.

quoted out of context phr Correctly quoted but generally incompletely so, if characterized by scientists, consumer advocates or evangelically enhanced public advocates. If so characterized by creationists, politicians, faith healers, police spokesmen, religious figures, mafia bosses, or wandering gypsies, the quote is not only accurate, complete, and unambiguous, but also remarkably easy to understand. See misquoted.