the revised devil's dictionary


Upcoming Books:

At the present time  Caught Dead and the Dictionary are available for download via Amazon Kindle eBooks. I'm in the process of getting another book ready to go which will be an anthology of novellas in the same series as Wired and Red Tide.  It'll be called Firedance and Others, runs about 70,000 words and will have either 5 or 6 novellas in it.  Those that will be included for sure are:  Firedance, Need to Know, Chaperon, Scream of the Butterfly, and Witch Hunt.  I'm not sure if I'll include the one I'm currently working on called Gulf.

The first four have already been published either in Dark Moon Rising or The World of Myth ezines, on-line. The fifth is a new novella. 

Gary Sanchez is doing a huge amount of art for the book, six at last count color illustrations, five of which are actually designed to be the cover of a book, as well as a number of very good line drawings.  Gary has been working with me on the Unaligned series since Wired was originally published and I'm constantly knocked out by how good his work is. And he keeps adding new techniques and ideas to his work as time goes on. I'm damn fortunate to be associated with him.  He's got one more illustration that he's working on right now.

Here's what I like most about eBooks these days. In the old days, back when fantasy, horror and science fiction publishing was done by small publishing houses like Arkham,  Fantasy Press, Gnome Press and others, the cover art was very specific to the work. Generally the artist had read the book or at least read the work of the writer before. Many, many times end papers were done as well and there would often be interior illustrations done in ink (rarely color).  Again, the illustrations were specific to the work.  That was the same "business" model used by the both the pulp magazines and their digest sized successors like Galaxy, Fantasy and Science Fiction and If.  Wacky stories by Piers Anthony about a galactic dentist
would have funny illustrations by Bode.

There's no reason why eZines today and eBooks can't have a lot of art in them, thus enriching them beyond belief.  I've a very good friend, Elise Skidmore, who is a poetess and she augments her books with photographs she's taken personally.  She'd got a good eye and the fit between her poems and the photographs, is excellent. 

I'm privaleged to have Gary Sanchez. 

The book will cost $4.00.  Being the bloody rebel I am, I refuse to screw around with $X.99 bullshit. Screw marketing.  And be aware.  Gary is getting half of the proceeds.  He deserves them and I think Firedance and Others will be something you'll enjoy if you like dark fantasy.

Other books.  Yes, there will be a new volume of essays, called Mirrored Images and Other Reflections.  That has about 50 essays in it and runs about 75,000 words so far. Tentatively sometime this summer. It all depends upon who I can get to copy edit it, my copy editing being so bloody horrible I can't release the damn thing until somebody does something.

Any volunteers?