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Possible changes to the newsletter.

I've had a few complaints from individuals regarding the newsletter in general, specifically some problems with Yahoo Groups and how they're currently being handled. My best guess at this point is that Yahoo is thinking of either abandoning the Groups entirely or revamping them somehow. I'm not sure how functional any revamping might be and am leery of the idea. I kind of view it as abandoning the Groups entirely, which may or may not be inevitable at this point.

They're old. They're clunky.  They're very yesterday I suppose one could say. Indeed, the precursor of Yahoo Groups was the UseNet Newsgroups that went south a number of years ago.  The good thing about Yahoo Groups and their equivalents is that they have a lot of data archived and it's going to be a bit sad to see it all go. Many of you might not have thought of it but you can, at any time, download old copies of RDD going back to the start, in May of 2000.  That's 14 years worth of columns and comments, though I grant that there's been little activity over the past seven years or so.  Still, it's there. I'll make sure I have a copy of everything, you can be sure.

But what to do with the newsletter? The website itself is, I suppose, viable but I don't really like to spend that much time on it. I'm a writer and being a webmaster is a huge pain in the ass and time consuming. I don't intend to to a lot of it.

But that doesn't preclude something on a regular basis of once or twice a week. I do have a few things that might be of interest that could benefit from the exposure. I'm doing a fair amount of photography and travel and I'm fairly good at winnowing out chaff.  I invite comments via email if you have anything you'd like say and indeed, would be willing to have other things from other people to put up.  I imagine it would end up in a blog sort of style, with older entries retired to further back in the stacks before being taken down.

So, comments?