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August News

Caught Dead & Other Catastrophes (CD & OC)is now available in a number of places, including the following::  Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com  &  Booklocker.  

 It's even available from some schlock outfit I noticed that scans the web for any book that s on a bestselling list.  Apparently they copy the info, snag an image of the book and then tout it to their "club" members. What I find horribly interesting is that they jack the price up over the normal distribution channels and then offer it to "members" for a 5% (or thereabouts) discount.  The result is the price of the book is just slightly higher than the normal distribution channels. 

Weird.  Since I monitor how many copies get sold closely (well, it's a hobby . . . ) I suspect I'll have some indication if they sell any of CD & OC.

August issue of Dark Moon Rising is not yet up but should be in a week or so. I'll let you know when it posts. This issue will have two reviews by myself and my usual Books Of Distinction column, though the column is anything but typical.  I covers the subject of book clubs and collectability and I ask some of my usual, stupid questions -- and even have a answer of sorts.  It's titled What You Bring To The Reading Room.

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 Caught Dead & Other Catastrophes

Check out The Other Side Website, home of The Little Goth Girl, Samuri Lapin and Mittens. Very funny.

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Dark Moon Rising

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Dark Moon Rising

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Jack Williamson: Decades
James H. Schmitz:  Hub Tales
John Brunner:  Taking a Stand
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